Beginners & Improvers Sessions


For the first forty-five minutes of the Wednesday weekly session (7.00 – 7.45) the Romsey Ukulele Group has three layers of tuition available;

Total Beginners

If you are a total beginner then this is where you will start.  Nicky and Julie will tell you a little about the ukulele but most importantly put one in your hands and get you learning your first chords. You can play a song knowing just one chord, you know! We have spare ukuleles so there will always be one available for you. You will stay in Nicky’s group for a few weeks until you feel comfortable moving between four chords or so.


For those of you who are a little more competent on the ukulele there is the Improvers group. This is generally split into two sections;

(7.00-7.20) will introduce the group to various chord sequences that are heard in many tunes, as well as different scales, strum patterns, strumming methods, and styles of music.

– section 2 (7.20-7.45) acts as a warm-up to the main session, our set leaders rotate weekly according to availability/nerve  . In Roy’s words “I stand on stage and make a fool of myself singing old songs, and not so old songs, with different timings, strum patterns and a few new chords If you can master 3 or 4 chords and SING no matter how badly; come along, this spot will promise nothing but a smile 😊 and some lovely people”