Playlist for Wed 7th Aug 2019 – The Comrades Club

Afternoon Ruggers,

Hopefully a lot of you are at this moment  ‘Trout and About’  today in Stockbridge proving to the festival go-ers that  ‘ukulele music really doesn’t get any better than this…’ despite many, many hours spent practising…. I’ve excused myself from todays proceedings, as much as it pains me but RUG book 4 won’t write itself… it’s a cracker,  you’ll never guess the ending… Richard D, that last one is dedicated just to you…

Last Wednesday at The Comrades Club boy did we have a treat. Now I’ve heard all about Alvin’s talents from his debut solo spot performance a few months back which I sadly missed…. On Wednesday Alvin took to the stage again and totally mesmerised everybody by singing ’The Night Has A Thousand Eyes’.  This guy has everything…  style, class, bags of charisma, silky smooth voice, music sheet… oh no, he didn’t have that..  Alvin did not have music!! What’s going on?? Is that even allowed?! Alvin, we thought you were amazing, please, please hurry up with your next offering… this Wednesday give you enough time?? Rob mentioned to the masses that we have donated the £4,000 to our 4 main charities and gained agreement that we would be donating a further £500 to each of the following Romsey charities; George’s Trust, Age Concern Romsey, Youth in Romsey, Romsey Blind Club, Hearing Concern Romsey, with £100 also being donated to The Romsey Hedgehog Lady, thank you everybody for your backing.  Those cheques will go out this week.  With 3 new beginners arriving (welcome!), last Wednesday saw us achieve a record number at RUG… we surpassed the 80 mark folks! Everyone give yourselves a pat on the back… this group is rather special and I’m so glad you and me are in it together xx

Yesterday we performed at the Leonard Cheshire Summer Fete in Romsey. This event gets a little bigger and better each year. With KP leading the troops we had a very lovely time. We debuted a couple of new songs on the unsuspecting audience… we’d taken the precaution of securing all exits beforehand… thankfully no escape needed, both crowd and us held out for the duration and enjoyed the whole experiment, I mean experience… 
After the last song, there were of course begging for autographs (…they used the pretense of ‘a signing-in book’… I mean come on, we’re not falling for that old chestnut…). We all clambered back into… and onto the Ford Transit…. Although a little breezy up there, that new roof rack has added 4 extra ‘seats’ … Once all seat belts on, (and bungee ropes attached..) we continued on the KP Summer Fete Tour to our next venue, Laurel Care Home Summer Fete in Calmore. This is a very large care home with fantastic grounds. We were a quite last minute booking as they’d been let down by a different act, and hence they were very appreciative. We followed a chap sat at a table playing bass guitar singing old time songs with a backing track. It all looked a little strange but actually he wasn’t bad… At one point both Liz’s started doing what can only be described as a ‘Mumsy ‘jig’… both are ex-teachers and I can only think those years have taken more of a toll on them than we all knew… The relief was felt throughout when the chap stopped singing and made way for some ‘real entertainment’! We set up in the middle of the garden and were joined by a ‘Debbie’ from the audience who just so happened to have her ukulele and recorder in her handbag (!!)….  how handy!  Although we probably all felt a little ‘uneasy’ about this gig-crasher, Debbie was just amazing! She sang great, played uke and the recorder really did compliment the songs. No wonder she was great, I found out later Debbie is a music teacher and belongs to 13 other groups! The audience loved us and Sharon the lady who had originally phoned me handed me a bunch of flowers (plus our £50) for coming to their rescue… These flowers are obviously for everyone who played… and I realise in my custody they stand the least chance of making it to a week… but on your behalf I will look after them… can someone just clarify something for me, somebody mentioned something about water…?? Kevin has asked me to pass on his thanks to  everyone who played on Saturday, it was fun!
Newsflash… I have just received a report from our roving reporter Paddy Liz who’s on the scene in Stockbridge today, this is the latest…
“Today was a blast – The venue was just right for the 15 of us players – based in the centre of what I can only describe as a small plaza type area just off the high street with a ‘ captured’ audience of folk enjoying beer and food.  Rob led us through 3 short but lively sets ( giving us just enough time to top up our beer glasses between sets) – our audience were wonderful, clapping along, a wee bit of dancing and a wonderful gentleman came along and joined Rob at his stand for a rendition of “Lola.” 
All in all a great performance and a bucketful of cash!”
Thank you Liz, and to everyone who made the effort to get to Stockbridge.
Tomorrow we return to Durban House Care Home, always a pleasure so come along if you want a lovely afternoon (2pm). 
Next weekend we have a busy Sunday 11th August 2019. Let me know if you fancy the 80th birthday party, everyone welcome to the Andover Shilling Fair, lots of fun last year.
Have a great week folks xx
Beginners with Bill, Tina and Nicky 7.00 – 7.45pm
Chords, strums and the usual sing-song… what’s there not to like?!
Improvers with Ian 7.00 – 7.20pm
   1. Advanced Blues Shuffle .
   2. Bring it on home to me.
   3. Crocodile Rock.          
   See Pdf at foot of note.
Improvers with Roy 7.20 – 7.45
The Young Ones. (Uke Box Glory Book 1 / page 55)*
Under The Boardwalk (UBG book 1 / page 59) *
Sweet Caroline (UBG book 1 & RUG book 3 page 38)
Hi Ho Silver Lining (UBG bk 1 &  RUG book 1 / page 21)
A Hard Days Night (UBG bk 3 / page 2)*
All my Loving (RUG book 3 / page 5)
I Saw Her Standing There (RUG book 1 / page 19)
Roll Over Beethoven (RUG Book 3 / page 34)
Main session with Rob 7.45 – 9.00pm. Solo spot at 8.30pm
Sea Cruise*
Georgy Girl 3/22
Dreaming 3/19
Jambalaya 3/27
San Francisco ozccoz*
Well Alright 3/44
Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma*
The Lion Sleeps Tonight 2/27
When You’re Smiling 1/20
Fings Ain’t Wot They Used To Be ozbcoz*
I Only Want To Be With You 1/14
Dancing In The Dark*
These Boots Were Made For Walking 3/41
Both Sides Now ozbcoz*
Summer Holiday (C) ozbcoz*
I’m The Urban Spaceman 1/10
*Pdf attached.