GIG – Saturday 3rd August 2019 1.30pm Leonard Cheshire Summer Fete, Romsey

On Saturday 3rd August 2019 1.30pm we will be taking the RUG tour bus down the road to perform at the Leonard Cheshire Summer Fete. Just one set but always an absolute pleasure to perform here. Everyone welcome as we’ll be out in the garden so plenty of space. They’ll be a list out tonight on Mum’s table just so we get an idea of numbers. 
Address; Leonard Cheshire, Fryers House, Botley Road, Romsey SO51 5AD
Have a good one sunny strummers xx  

Stuck in the Middle with you                             1/24

Karma Chameleon                                                3/28

Come Up and See Me                                          2/9

She’s Not There                                                    1/12

I’m a Believer                                                        1/16

Happy Together                                                    PDF

* Hello Mary Lou                                                  2/14

Love is All Around                                                3/30

* It must be Love                                                  3/25

* Blue Suede Shoes/That’s Alright Mama       2/6 & 2/7

Hi Ho Silver Lining                                                1/21


Standby in case of genuine encore request

Delilah                                                                    3/14